3D Animation


Can everyday life inspire you?
Can every object play with you and give a certain rhythm?
And what about your smartwatch? Is he able to follow your dance moves and keep up with your tempo?

This is an attempt to capture that.
A self-education project.

About the story

How to show expression
The main idea of the project was to create a light and lively animation that would correspond with a modern product intended for young and active people.
Therefore, the animation happens both as text on the display and as abstract elements around it.

Carefree play with shapes and colors speeds up as the action unfolds. All this to #expressYOURSELF.

About the process

How it was made
In this animation I painted over several reference footage in Photoshop - to achieve this kind of painterly effect.

Basic animation was done in Cinema 4d and After Effects and also painted over if needed.

This is a non-commercial portfolio project.

About the process

How it was made
Animating and painting over those animations was a long-term process that had been previously preceded by a storyboard and lookdevelopment.

Everything was created after work and in the spare time, and the entire project took about 4 months.

The whole project was a fun experience and a great way to experiment with different techniques and textures (lots of Photoshop work here).

It was cool to find my own style to tell this story.

Despite the non-commercial nature of the project, the main foundation was to achieve and work out a professional process and pipeline - as if the brief and the client really existed.

Big shout out to my friends for their independent feedback:)