Hi! Hallo! Cześć!

My name is Mateusz (you can try reading this tongue-breaker as Ma-té-woosh, but feel free to call me Mat). I’m a creative thinker fascinated with telling stories through art, motion, and design.

I’m a Visual Designer specialized 3D, Art Direction, and Motion Design. I’m currently based in the beautiful city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I work both as a creative thinker and as a specialist for CG and Animation. I love to craft pretty pixels in 24 fps.

I have 7+ years of experience working in the advertising industry, producing high-quality 3D art, motion graphics, and 3D animations for a wide range of projects. I have worked for various global clients including, but not limited to, Pepsi, Philips, Huawei, Netflix, KIA, Hyundai, Turkish Airlines. I have gained experience working on both high-budget commercials and smaller projects that allowed greater creative expression

To see some of them highly recomend check out my demo reel.


A set of recent works that can be found somewhere on the depths of the internet:

‘Chilidish Comeback’ on Stash
‘Express yourself’ on Motionographer
‘Monolith’ on CG BROS

Let’s make something cool together!

I love difficult challenges and crazy ideas.

I value art more than the budget's numbers.
Hit me out if you'd like to discuss something cool.

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