Hi! Hallo! Cześć!

My name is Mateusz (try reading it as [Ma‧té‧woosh] or just Mat).

I’m a Visual Designer specialized in creating 3D, Art Direction and Motion Design. I’m currently based in the beautiful city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I work both as a creative thinker and as a specialist in Design, Animation and Interactive Arts. I craft pretty pixels in 24 fps.

I have 7+ years professional experience in the CGI industry including working for the best animation and VFX studios in Poland, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, UK and the Netherlands. I’ve gained professional experience working in both unique artistic and high-end commercial projects.

I graduated Masters of Arts in the field of "Animation" and Bachelors of Arts in "Intermedia" - both at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk in Poland.

I work on the borderline of animation, motion design and interactive arts. I enjoy unique projects and unique challenges.

I was taking part in the creative process for the biggest  commercial campaigns and for the large global clients, including advertisements for brands such as Apple, Pepsi, Huawei, Danio, Knorr, NBA, KIA, Hyundai, Turkish Airlines, Philips, T-mobile, World of Tanks and many more.

To see some of them check out my demo reel.


A set of recent works that can be found somewhere on the depths of the internet:

‘Chilidish Comeback’ on Stash
‘Express yourself’ on Motionographer
‘Monolith’ on CG BROS

Let’s make something cool together!

Yes, that’s right, I love difficult challenges and crazy ideas.

I value art more than the budget's numbers.
Hit me out if you'd like to discuss something cool.

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