3D Animation

New Odyssey

“Time, it would have seemed, had turned its course, civilization was nearing its fall.
Machines replaced oceans, flowers took the shape of steel.
Love calcified, like a concrete cast.
Everything took the form of figures, almost completely deprived of life.
Passion was drowned out.

The clock keeps ticking,
but can it bear the weight of transience?”
Pause Fest Motion Response

This is our New Journey

But how will it end? 
The Pause Fest in Sydney approached me to join their 2020's edition and to create a short animation for there Motion Response. Several artists and studios participated in the project.

The creative brief and as well as this year's edition were called New Odyssey, which was to encourage artists to think over the modern society condition.

The possibilities to tell this story were virtually endless and actually the short amount of time and high pressure where the main obstacles here.

A New Oddysey

What it is about
I wanted to tell a simple story.

About people. Emotions. Nature.And civilization.

About everything I'm afraid of.
About the direction we are headed in as humanity.
About the threats we face.
About the abyss above which we are standing.
And about the conflict we are constantly faced with.

In telling this this story, I did not want to provide any answers, but to ask questions.
I hope you enjoy it!

About the process

How it was made
The main tools in this project were Cinema 4d (along with simulation features) and After Effects with some additional Photoshop help.

Everything was created after work and in the spare time in beetwen - the entire project took about 4 weeks.