3D Animation

Milka Shadow Theatre

An attempt to capture the children's shadow theater. It's best to watch beautiful stories through the children eyes and imaginations.

This is an attempt to capture that.
Toolkit: Cinema 4d, Redshift, Maya

A dreamy shadow theatre

A small cow and big adventures
The main assumption of the advertisement was to present a small cow and its adventures. Everything was supposed to resemble shadow theater. The whole scenery with delicate chiaroscuro and lots of refractions was supposed to be delicate and subtle. In this way it was about to color with a child's imagination.

About the process

How it was made
In this animation I was responsible for 3D realization.

My role was to plan and prepare lookdevelopment, models, lightstages and the whole 3d pipeline.

The major part of animatics and camera animation were done in Cinema 4d, moreover the animation was rendered in Cinema 4d and Redshift.