3D Illustration

Imagination by Nvidia

A series of concepts and illustrations inspired by anthropology and contemporary philosophy.

Nature will stand on the edge of mythical uncertainty,
poetry and romanticism; everything will turn into matters of the soul and spirit.

A concept project for Nvidia.

On the Verge of Imagination

What it is about

I was trying to capture the transience of nature.

We are intertwined with other animals. However, there is something that sets us apart from the rest of species. It is the imagination.  

This is our curse, but also a gift.
That is why we stand on this verge of the  uncertainty.

'If we concede too much to values, allof nature tilts into the uncertainty of myth, into poetry or romanticism; everything becomes soul and spirit' - fragments from 'Politics of Nature' by Bruno Latour.

About the process

How it was made
This is a series of illustration and concepts made entirely in 3D.

The main goal was to achieve the handmade effect of the old graphics and engravings.

Therefore several tool including Cinema 4d and Zbrush were used. Everything was post produced in Photoshop as well.

This is a fast pitch project for Nvidia