3D Animation

Boosted Boards “MORE”

This is our best known electric beast.
Undisputed champion of the streets.
Electric king of the city.

We improved our best skateboard into „more”.
More love. More fun. More power.

Your turn. You ride or not?

A self-education project.

Your turn. You ride.

About the story
Boosted Board has fully reinvented their new range of best electric skateboards. 

Word „more” is a key in to tell their story/

More love to a planet, means that it is made entirely from recycled materials.
More fun,
stands for durability, waterproof, long-lasting components and never ending joy.
More power
, means that it is efficient and has big power battery.

How to capture that? Maybe by showing a snail riding a skateboard. Why not?

Snail on skateboard

How to show pure joy
The most important in this case was to depict pure joy by riding an electric skateboard. Maybe even to show it with a bit of wild and craziness, in a right way of course. 

Therefore the main character should be both cute and interesting. The decision was also to mix it with clumsiness so that everyone could identify with the protagonist.

The obvious choice was to design... a snail... riding a skateboard. Yes, that’s right!


About the process

How it was made
The whole animation was done in Cinema 4d, models in Zbrush and textures in Substance Painter.

What is more, compositing and secondary animation (such as typography animation and dirt effects) were achieved in After Effects.

Everything was created after work and in the spare time. The entire project took about 2 months.

The whole project was a fun experience and a great way to experiment with different techniques and textures (lots of Photoshop work here).

It was cool to find my own style to tell this story.

This is a portfolio project.

Despite it’s non-commercial nature, the main foundation was to achieve and work out a professional process and pipeline - as if the brief and the client really existed.