Direction, Art Direction, 3D Animation

Philips ZOOM

While working for Glassworks Amsterdam, I had a great pleasure to direct and lead this wonderful project for Philips’ recent tooth whitening device.

The biggest creative challenge here was to portray the different teeth colours and shapes remaining in the Philips design driven universe.
This is the exploration of the challenge by looking through colours, shapes and light.

Toolkit: Houdini, Redshift, Nuke

About the story

How to show it  beautiful
The potential way to show different coloured teeth & the journey from discolored (yellow/gray) to white teeth was happening through marble materials.

Marble holds many of the same physical properties as teeth, which allowed to effectively convey the whitening procedure.

Moreover, as a material, it bridges the gap between teeth - as an anatomical phenomenon and as a design.

About the story

How to show the gentle light and glowing gel
The biggest inspiration here is Aurora Borealis.
The main idea was to depict blue light being emitted from the device.

It lets the light flow and bounce and in many ways to come to life. This northern lights approach also shows the light in a gentle way, that is safe, and doesn’t hurt or burn. 

The last element was the gel.
The idea here was to explore how the lights is reaching the teeth and reacting with the Zoom! gel layer. And moreover, how it helps make the teeth white faster.

The main inspiration was bioluminescent algae, which glow in the ocean during summer days.

With this effect, the light energy is being passed and spreads throughout the whole surface.

This was a very challenging project, in which I was taking part both as a Director and Art Director - where my task was to create general story vision, create storyboards, concepts, convince the Philips team. But also as a 3D Artist - creating animations and simulations in Houdini.

And yes, it was a fun one!