The term LIMBO mainly refers to a state of not waking up. Moreover In Catholic theology this state is synonymous to abyss or a Purgatory.
The whole film is maintained in raw game of colours. In connection with ambient music it forces viewers to go deep with the main character.
LIMBO is a story about intimacy. It depicts loneliness and emptiness. It is a film about dying or maybe falling asleep?

LIMBO was created in the workshop Fundamentals of Animation at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. The animation was done computer technology after effects using inverse kinematics. This means that for its implementation were first prepared appropriate models, which later were added the bones and controllers, to finaly animate them. The whole proces is time consuming and dificult.

bachelor diploma at the academy of fine arts in gdańsk, poland
intermedia and sculpture departament, intermedia course

realisation: mateusz kozłowski
music: artur szalsza
secret supervisor: monika zdunowska
art supervisor: robert turło